Bumper – is a once in a lifetime dog.  I have spent more time with him than with any other dog.  His loyalty and commitment to me is unmatched.  We have done a lot together.  He tags along with me just about everywhere I go.  Hiking, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, and Hunting are all things we love doing together.  

As a gundog and outdoor companion, he is perfect.  He weighs 58 lbs which makes him the perfect size to do just about anything.  His athletic ability and drive allows him to take on whatever you ask.  He will never give up on a hunt, and will always keep up with the horses on long day on the trail.

As a family companion, he is gentle, loyal, and quiet around the house.  He is what we are trying to produce and the type of dog we are trying to create at Trail Life.


 Kip – is youngster at Trail Life.  He is a son of Bumper and he is proving that he will fill the shows his father left him.  Kip gives you 100 percent all the time.  He has loads of drive in the field and loves to work.  At the same time he is extremely sensitive and in tune with me.  Really excited to see how he grows up.