Bumper – In my opinion they don’t come much better than Bumper.  Bumper depicts exactly what we are striving to produce at Trail Life.  He is the whole package.  He weighs 62 lbs. and is very well put together (people always comment on his looks).  He’s OFA clean on his Hips, Elbows and Eyes and is EIC Clear.  Bumper has produced some outstanding puppies for us at Trail Life.  Some of his Offspring have become Therapy dogs, Hunting Guide Dogs, and Family Companions.  He has pups living from the City on the East Coast all the way up to rugged Alaska.

As a gundog he’s exactly what I’m looking for.  He’s the right size to have in a Kayak/Canoe and is extremely quiet and easy to handle.  At the same times he’s fast and athletic and a very hard working retriever.As an outdoor and family companion he’s the best.  By far the most loyal dog I have ever owned.  It doesn’t matter what I’m going to do today – he just wants to go along and be with you.  His manners around the house and with kids are great as well. 

Available at Stud to Approved Females
Please contact for pedigree and additional information on Bumper