At Trail LifeCopy of Picture 315 we strive to produce top quality puppies.   All of our breeding dogs are well trained and have outstanding dispositions.  They are physically and genetically sound and have the athletic ability and mentality to go and do whatever you ask.  They are happy dogs that love to work, go with you on the trail, and spend time with you around the house.  These dogs are our companions and friends.  We only produce puppies from dogs we love being with.  If we don’t enjoy them, we don’t breed them.  _DSC8032 - update

Puppies come with a 30 month Hip, Eye, and Elbow guarantee and are guaranteed to be unaffected from EIC, CNM, PRA, SD2.  Our goal is to do our best to ensure that your new puppy is physically and genetically sound.   Our pups will mature to around 50 – 70 lbs which is a great size for in the house, boat, blind, or on the trail.

We want a pup that will go wherever your trail leads with a strong desire to please.  We have pups that are serving as waterfowl guide dogs, as search and rescue, therapy, and as solid family companions.    References always available.

Planned Litters

Fall 2016 – Millie x Int. FTCH Quin – deposits available

Chris Miller – 330-231-1816 – call or text.